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Our list of favourite resources for photographers:

Doug Box

Often overshadowed by complicated lighting techniques or advanced post-production tips, this resource seeks to remind the professional photographer of the fundamental importance of a subject's pose. Conveniently designed in two-page spreads--a striking portrait on one side, a comprehensive how-to of the strategies used on the other--this reference includes countless techniques for studio sessions as well as outdoor and location shoots, with individuals or groups, male or female clients, and in sitting, standing, or lying poses. With advice from a well-known and respected professional, it covers all the basics, showing how to emphasize a client's assets and downplay perceived flaws, how to create a cohesive, engaging group photo, how to use natural elements on location to enhance an image, and how to ensure that the result flatters the subject and adds the essential professional polish to an image.

On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography

With this guidebook, photographers learn how to create stunning, professional images while avoiding the common pitfalls of using an on-camera flash. Techniques for using simple accessories—such as bounce cards and diffusers as well as how to improve a lighting scenario by enhancing it rather than overwhelming it—show photographers how to master this challenging aspect of portraiture. For wedding and environmental portrait photographers who must work in ever-changing lighting scenarios, executing these tips to evade flat, lifeless images with harsh shadows, washed-out skin tones, cavernous black backgrounds, and other unappealing visual characteristics results in not only better images, but happier clients and more sales.

Light: Science and Magic - An Introduction to Photographic Lighting

Introduces a logical theory of photographic lighting. This book provides a theory of the nature and principles of light which allows you to use lighting to express creativity. It contains numerous photographs and illustrations to provide examples of the theories. It includes information on digital equipment and terminology.

Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

Outlining a theory that combines the refinement of traditional posing techniques with the more organic, spontaneous techniques of photojournalism, this creative and informative resource offers poses that rely on personality and interaction. These instructions from a veteran wedding photographer provide the skills needed to recognize what makes a great pose and how to subtly direct your clients to achieve the needed balance between looking great and looking comfortable. Ultimately, this grouping of modern and traditional shots offers answers to the complications faced when attempting to pose wedding parties quickly while keeping the natural look that all wedding couples desire. - Learn it all.

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